Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Using AF Auto Tracking

Hamilton hosted the City's annual "Around the Bridges Run." This is a 2 km walk, or 6.4km run, or 12 km advanced run. It is open to people of all ages and fitness levels. As my daughter was taking part the wife and I decided to take the cameras out and get some shots. She stayed by the Start/Finish line while I sat at the halfway point. We certainly got plenty of good shots.
I decided to set the camera to AF Tracking Mode and see how it performed. While it did well on single or small groups it wasn't happy shooting a large mass of moving people. It had difficulty in attaining focus and staying on target with the large number of people.

When I switched to individual targets or a small group (2 or 3 ) it performed well. I personally think I can get just as good a result when using AF set to continuous. I will experiment with this mode of shot taking again as one try at it didn't yield a confirmed result for or against using Tracking mode. One thing I did notice was that some of the images were not as crisp as when I use Continuous AF mode. I may have to look at what settings work best for this mode.I will post more results as they come to hand.

Looking along River Road

Be they young...

Be they older...

Be they furry...
Or yellow...

The local Parish Church was on the route so I had a look

Church Lobby

Young singer entertaining the crowd at the Starting area

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