Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Derelict & Unloved

Derelict buildings of all types can make for some really interesting subjects. It allows the imagination to try and piece together what the history of the building may be. In my case I have a passion for old disused farm buildings. I guess this is because of my upbringing which is very much a part of my early life. I remember a great deal about those times and what some of these forlorn buildings may well have been used for. In them I can see the vibrancy of a generation now long gone. Its not hard to imagine the sights and sounds of a wool-shed at night with the buzz of the shearing gang or the early morning lights in a milking shed on a cold frosty July morning.

The latter I am more akin with having spent years with the family then with my own family on dairy farms. I have always been glad that I had the opportunity to bring up my children in the early stages of their lives on a farm. To this day they both have fond memories of these times.
Today I had the time and opportunity to photograph a few more of these buildings. All are in the same area, so it was a pleasant surprise to have three excellent subjects for the camera.
Just outside the Waikato town of Te Awamutu.
Standing next to a large curved hay barn is this poor old shed.
All images are processed using Photoscape.

Using Photoscape I decided to have a bit of fun with this image and played around with it. The results are below.
Two different way of using black and white to change the feel of the image.  One is standard black and white. Shot that way in camera. The other has had a color pencil transform used with a light grey gradient fill for the sky.

The next building appears to have been partially demolished, or possibly it was storm damaged. Its difficult to say what it was used for.

These three images have had a little HDR work on them. Still a bit noisy but I am slowly getting it sorted.

A little further down the road from the above building was a tired old work shop. Most likely used to store farm implements or grain or perhaps workshop equipment for agricultural repairs. Whatever its history, very few clues are evident from the exterior.

Sitting under some trees along side the shed was a roof. This may be from the shed or perhaps from a disused and collapsed hay barn. A good days shooting today. I'm off to find more now.

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