Monday, February 14, 2011

Aerial photography using burst mode.

As the name suggests I had had the chance this morning to watch the neighbours having their annual spraying done. As the farm is large and also hilly the local Helliworx agricultural chopper is called in. It is always good to watch these guys flying close up. By close up I mean in some shots within 200 feet of me both vertically and horizontally.
All photos are taken with the Fuji HS10 in "P" mode with 6 frame burst mode active. Shots posted here are single frames taken from each series of shots.
Banking hard above me. Note the rotor flex.

Fill 'er up boyo.

Starting a run

1st pass up the valley

Second pass

Banking at the end of a pass.

On they way back for another pass

Climbing up through the valley
for another run.

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