Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shooting the HS10 in 16 x 9 mode

Shooting the HS10 in 16 x 9 mode may make you wonder what the point would be as it reduces the output to 7 megapixels. You may think this would have an adverse effect on the IQ, but in reality I think the IQ is as good if not better at this ratio.
The 16:9 format more closely mimics the average aspect ratio of the human eye (although there is still a lot of conjecture about that). Thats why most movies have been shot in a wide format as the human eye sees a rectangular area. While I'm sure that was part of the Fuji engineers thinking, it would seem more likely that this format was included as it better fits most of the LCD monitors found on peoples desks these days. This is certainly so for my Viewsonic monitor.
So what then can we expect from our camera if we shoot wide format at reduced megapixels. I expect a good image and in truth thats what I got.

Standard P mode and telephoto.
A random shot of one area at the back of our property, Focus is on the old fuel tank.
Standard P and Super Macro
This shot of the bike gears is shot with super macro and the point of focus is the central chain links.
Standard P and Super Macro
Again for the plant super macro was used, but this time the point of focus is the first set of full leaves along the stem.
Standard Telephoto & P mode.
Using the camera in my usual setup and a bit of zoom. Coloring is accurate here.
Standard Macro and Telephoto & P mode
Shot from the same point as the previous image, but I have switched to Macro mode and the zoom is being used.
P mode and super macro
This image uses macro mode but the AF has switched to area so the focus is the mid ground and the depth of field is quite shallow.

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