Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Feature ... Introducing Daniel Whitfield

Al Ain Airshow
I first came across Daniel's work while reading through one of my favorite forums Hellophoto and spotted the image at left.
This forum is sponsored and run by D-Photo Magazine here in New Zealand.
Daniel has recently launched his  SmugMug website so that he is able to present his portfolio work. When you follow the link be prepared for a surprise, personally I love the way the image just seems to leap off the screen in front of you.

I asked Daniel if he could briefly out line what it is he's currently involved  with and what drives the passion for photography. He replies...

"I am a photographer currently based in Dubai, and have been gradually developing up my skills and photographic 'eye' over the last 6 years,
Got to love a big lens.
I don’t restrict myself to any type or genre of photography, and endeavour to expand my abilities and experience through capturing the fast paced action of sport, exploring the streets of a bustling city, or photographing the desert landscape of the U.A.E.
Photography is also an artistic outlet for me, and I enjoy the whole creative process; from scoping out locations and subjects, framing the shot, through to the post-click tweaking of the image to bring out it’s full potential.
I love the thrill of capturing the moment, and the satisfaction from getting 'the shot' that makes all the preparation, frustration, and hard work all worthwhile.
I enjoy the flexibility of the medium also, to express what I see and what I feel, and how it makes it easy to convey this to other people."
Our thanks to Daniel for making some of his work available for us.We certainly enjoy viewing the images and we agree with him that the thrill of a good capture can be quite a highlight, and immensely satisfying..

To find more of Daniels work, click the link for HelloPhoto and search for mesodan. As Daniel is a active member he has amassed a large body of work for us to enjoy. Oh and come join us at Hello Photo as well, we would love to see you there.
All images above kindly supplied by Daniel Whitfield Photography

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