Monday, April 25, 2011

Pirongia Village Market Day.

Original silver & pearl
The Pirongia Village market day is a monthly event that brings together a group of people, some artisans, other woodworkers,crafters, specialty goods providers and hobbyists, all of whom enjoy making & selling their home fashioned goods. Typically these are items that are likely to be long lasting and not your cheap run of the mill mass produced articles.
The day started out wet and stayed that way. Being the end of the Easter break saw a lot of people heading home from various parts of the country. Pirongia village is situated on a very busy arterial road  in the western Waikato.

A wet day on main street.

A splash of color in a dreary day.

We lunched at the local cafe, which also has a locally made jewelery section, as well as some of the best food in the district. At least the flowers in the flower baskets out front of the cafe were putting on a show.

Then it was off to the local War Memorial Hall for a look at the wares on sale. I was particularly taken with some of the woodwork on show, as I am a keen woodworker myself. The elderly chap out front of the hall makes, letterboxes, birdhouses and other knick knacks for the garden, whilst inside there was more jewelery, preserves and artwork to be seen. 
Foot bridges for garden gnomes.
One table that caught my attention was the woodwork of a retired gentleman who has a love of wood as well, and is quite artistic at that. 
The cowboy boots and hat stood out immediately. Comprised of Rimu, Macrocarpa, and Kahikatea (white pine) timbers and oiled, this would make a stunning artwork in the right entrance way of your home. 

Immediately outside I found Diane and her husband (looking rather ready for a well earned beer) running a stall of self created garden artworks. These works are comprised of , copper, sheet-metal, and timber from old farm fences. Mainly Totara, known for its longevity and weathering properties.
The design and thought of some of these works is amazing. I am always amazed at what people can do to create artworks from some of the simplest of materials. My wife also, and as we headed home we took one of the smaller works home with us. 
Mid sized dragonfly
Totara and copper bird bath
complete with old brass tap

Our newly acquired art work
hanging from one of the wall lamps.

All in all a nice day out despite the weather. All images taken with the Fuji HS10.

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