Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HS20 EXR Shooting Tip.

I have been extremely busy of late, work seems to overtake things at times. The past weekend I shot about 700 photos at a friends wedding. The majority of these were done with the HS20EXR, which was a bit of a gamble but paid off nonetheless. I also took along a couple of my Pentax SLR's as support for the HS20. The day was mostly dismal overcast with a few sunny spells between more overcast. Not a good way to shoot a wedding.
But one does ones best. The lighting was terribly variable and made things much more difficult than I was hoping for. So heres the Tip. The HS20 underexposes by a full F stop in low light and swings the other way and overexposes by about the same in good bright conditions. It seems to do this in all modes, but seems a little more extreme w hen in 8mp Medium  quality, EXR mode.
Be prepared to change your Ev settings between every shot. In most case I had to do this to maintain a balance of exposure and I still got several shots wrong. I also find that the new LCD is very deceptive on how it displays what you are seeing. It can look darker than the image actually is so you tend to over expose more readily. My advise here is pick a series of different days, some sunny some not and run a good series of test shots and see how the camera reacts and how it displays on the LCD.
Check this section for more information regarding the use of the LCD and for extra information regarding some of the exposure problems encountered with the HS20...
the LCD has a much bigger bearing on the exposure of HS20 shots than was the case with its predecessor the HS10 .

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