Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Essence of Life

Dont get eaten!!

I was fixing a hole in the end of the garage roof when I spied this little drama going on. The bee was toast and I could see what was about to play out.
Being up an extension ladder at the time didn't help as this required a mad dash into the office and back up the ladder again, and I just made it in time. We dont always see these dramas unfold in the natural world so its worth getting the shot.
Taken with the HS20EXR in macro mode. Using my favoured EXR Res Pri settings.

60% Crop

About to become Toast
70% Crop
70% Crop
As you can see from the last shot I misjudged the strike and got a blurred image as the speed of the attack was incredibly fast. The best method in hindsight for shooting this would have been to have the camera set in burst mode. See what haste does :) Well at least I didn't fall off the ladder.

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