Sunday, November 6, 2011

Color Space Test

Theres a very interesting if somewhat animated discussion at Dpreview's FujiFilmTalk forum regarding how colorspace works and is seen on screen.

Funky Colors is the thread I refer to.

A number of Color Space ranges were sited but the two of most interest are shown below. There is a reasonable difference between the two images. I am currently using IE9 as I write this and it is obvious that there is a difference in color tone between the two images. As Srgb is the format used by Fuji cameras it follows that the top image is the most likely the correct color range.

The Cmyk color range is apparently what some print houses use for printing large scale. The observations made in the article are simply that there are other color ranges used in photographic work, and that we need to be aware of this, especially when calibrating monitors.

Your Feedback on this would be most intersting. How do you see the colors? Are they equal or do they differ and if so how?
Srgb color.

Cmyk Color.


  1. My initial reaction is that the colours seem better, truer in the srgb colour version. Though of course, this is a contradiction as I can't know this not having seen the original shirts with bare eyes (as it were.)

    The black (in front of the orange) seems less true in the cmyk version. Though, oddly, the fly seems clearer. Though this may be an optical illusion.

    I prefer all the colours, except for the yellow, in the srgb version.

    Hmm, interesting.

  2. I have to agree with you. To my eye the srgb version seems much closer to life like color. And yes the yellow doesn't do much for me either.