Friday, November 25, 2011

A New Look for the Kiwi...Updated

26/11/11... Well I have to say that for the present we will be staying with this format. While I did like the Magazine styled temple offered by Blogspot, the interaction between the template and browsers was less than stellar and no changes will be put into effect for the medium tern at least.
Ralph; Ed

Blogspot has been working on some new improved interface templates. For the next few days we will be trialing this template.
I have chosen the "Magazine" style as a starting point. There are several other ways of viewing this site, you only need to click on the button on the left on the Navigation bar to swap between different styles.

Please leave a comment as to what you do or dont like, maybe you like the old template, if so just let us know in the comments box.
It is my hope that you will enjoy the Magazine style as I think its more in keeping with the content of this site.

As always enjoy your stay here.
Ralph. Ed


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