Saturday, December 31, 2011

FujiFilm X-S1 order price.

Updated 1-1-2012

I have just received a email froms Teds Camera Store in Sydney  after I had asked them if they ship overseas.
The answer was,  No they dont.
Thanks to one of the forum members at Dpreview, we now have a confirmed price from Australia for the X-S1 if you want one early.
Ted Cameras in Sydney are currently stocking the X-S1 for those wishing to get in early.
Priced at $899.95 AUD this equates to $1182.91 plus import duty and post & packaging.
Heres an example of the extra costs you may encounter when importing this or any camera from a foreign source. 
Click on - an example of digital camera duty calculations.
From the New Zealand Customs Service this example will closely match what you will pay in the way of extras. My suggestion is that you add a minimum of an extra $200.00 NZD to the Australian price when privately importing.
That will mean you will be shelling out $1382.91 NZD for the X-S1. That sits about where I expect the X-S1 to be priced initially here in N.Z.
Hopefully Fuji New Zealand will be able to offer this at a better rate to its preferred retailers although I wouldn't get too excited about that.

I think for now that the market entry price is still going to be around the $1000 to $1500 at this point in time.
If you do obtain one from the Australian company do let us know here at the blog, we would love to here what you think of this new superzoom.

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  1. Pffff after the X-10 debacle I think I'll wait 2 years before I get the X-S1 and I'm definitely not shelling out 1200 usd for this.