Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gettin' Artsie

Having a little time on my hands the other day, waiting for my son to finish work, I spotted some potential shots in the carpark. As the rain had stopped and a little bit of the cloud had lifted I got the HS20 out, its been a week since its last outing and took some shots.
I was looking a getting something both interesting and artistic, to me a least.
I used several of the in-camera film simulations and Post Processed in Photoscape. The sepia in the HS20 is a little too bronze/pink for my liking so I used Photoscapes' sepia toning and it made things look more natural.
Then to give some of the images a more "Arty " feel to them I selected some frames from the Photscape library, altered color and size to suit and voile' there you go. Is it art, I dunno you be the judge.

A couple of shots not framed, at least not yet.


  1. I find a hd video tip, set to A (aperture priority), f 3,2-3,6 continuous video mod. It stay focused. Improve my videos
    Bad english, sorry

  2. Derek your English is fine.
    Over the Xmas break I will test out your settings and get back to you here, probably do an article about.