Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fuji X10 & Firmware Update from

Following the Fab or Funky series of articles you could be forgiven for thinking I'm doing nothing more than Fuji bashing. Nothing could be further from the truth. I enjoy owning and using Fuji cameras and have for some time, however I will not gloss over inherently flawed products that are new to the market and quite clearly lack good R&D and Quality Control.
Especially if these products are advertised as "Premium " design and function, for the serious photographer. This implies that the end user will have a reasonable amount of photographic smarts, and will know a quality product when they see one.
Yesterday the folks at Dpreview posted an update regarding the Fuji X10, and its firmware upgrade.
Below are two images, one from the Fuji X10 and one from the Panasonic LX5.
If you ever wanted proof of the issue that has seen many users return their X10's the images supplied at Dpreview give a pretty damning case.
The full article and in-depth comparisons can be found here at Fuji X10 Firmware Update.
Just click the link above.
I thank Dpreview for posting this as quickly as they did as its important that people are as informed as possible before deciding if they can live with or work around this particular flaw. Click through the images to get the full size then compare the reflections of the suspended steel balls.

FujiFilm X10 Image

Panasonic LX5 Image

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