Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Apology To Our Readers

Maniac Spam Filter!!!

For some unknown reason a number of your comments have been dumped into the spam filter folder.
I have no idea why this is or what the cause may have been, but over the last 4 weeks the odd comments has been dumped.
Today the spam filter "coughed up" these comments that it had previously hidden.
I make it a policy to try and reply to all comments here on the blog.

All comments have now been reinstated so please don't think we/I am ignoring you.
We do get a small amount of spam and these are normally sorted by the filter, occasionally genuine comments also get swallowed up.



  1. Just found this blog. What a relief after all my frustration with the Fuji manual. I was afraid I'd never learn how to use my hs20.

    Thankyou Thankyou

  2. You are welcome, and yes the manual is a royal pain in the butt.