Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Motor Racing With The HS10

For some time I have been promising the folks at the FujiFilm Talk forum at Dpreview some motor-racing photos. It has always been my conjecture that the HS10 was quite capable of shooting motor-racing, and this weekend just gone I had the chance to prove that case.
We attended the annual ITM V8 supercar races over the weekend. This race is part of the V8 Supercars Australia racing circuit. More info here http://www.v8supercars.com.au/
One of several large screens
this one is at the apex of turn one at the end of the main straight

It was a very wet and cold day. We hadn't bothered getting stand tickets as we wanted to amble around the circuit and take it all in. In hindsight that was a mistake as the wet weather combined with the safety fences meant our view was more limited than we had expected.
I was still able to get a few shots, but would have liked them to be clean and free of the fences. Oh well, older and wiser.
We did however get to see the majority of the race and from pretty close up too as the safety barriers where we were we quite close to the edge of the track.

At 220 kph in the wet is scary
The cars just flash by.
Stationery camera gives the effect of speed.

Rooster tails on a wet track at speed = Scary
The J.D. cars did well placing 1st and 3rd
 in the first of the two races.
Jana Living running in mid field.
The Toll Holden cars were a little off the pace early on.

Mid field pack coming out of turn two.
Hard under brakes and coming into turn two at 80 kph
Everyone wants a photo....down in front!!
Even the promo girls were feeling the cold.
Fundraising for the new air ambulance chopper.

One of two of the BIG BEN drift utes.

Big Ben drift utes pirouetting.

One of the local drift club cars doing a drifting demo.

Who'd be a cameraman on a wet day at the motoraces.

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