Thursday, April 12, 2012

A sign of the times.

Spotted this on the road to the beach at Kawhia. First is the scene from where I was sitting, second is zoomed not cropped. HS20EXR working in Dr mode with Velvia Film simulation. What were they smoking?

You gotta wonder what the tourists make of this.
This was shot through the windscreen of the truck. Note how the tinted band in the windscreen changes the color of the sky. Velvia also helps exaggerate the color.


    review of fuji hs 30exr in france, but google translate.

  2. Cheers Steven.
    I keep a regular eye on whats happening at photonumeric.
    His work is interesting and to date there are no real surprises with the HS30. It will I think be a natural replacement for the HS20 with the right improvements as well.
    I'm sorely tempted to buy one but as he's shown there isnt a lot in it as far as resolution and IQ are concerned.