Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Problems Using the new Blogspot Interface... Brazil & Others

Link Problems in the new interface.
Update 2/6/2012 Images for this article can be found here

I looked into a more magazine style interface that Google now has for the blogs some time ago,  but it was woeful to say the least.
As this website is mirrored by Google in several different countries, it is possible that the default for blogs in those countries  is now the new interface.

In Brazil for instance,  the new interface appears to be the new format and the default view is "Classic". I have just spent a fair amount of time looking at this site and it appears that not all of the links, for whatever reason actually work properly, especially those in the latest Photoscape Tutorial.

For now I recommend that those users experiencing problems of this nature would be best to use this address.
This should still show as the old interface, and all the links work as I test them as soon as an article is published.

If you have any problems let me know and I will forward them to Google.

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