Saturday, October 30, 2010

Labour Weekend ..

...has come and gone. First time I can ever remember having three totally fine days for the long-weekend. We took the opportunity to spend part of one of those days in the little harbour town of Raglan some 45 kms west of where we live. On the way we stopped in and visited an artist friend before heading to the beach. Needless to say that the HS10 went with us and a lot of piccy's were taken.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out and I managed to get some good photos as well as the usual ho-hum shots :) I have been playing a little with mood lighting in some of the recent shots. Here is an example of how different an image can seem when shot in color as opposed to Black & White. The mood of the image can change quite dramatically within the same scene. Hope you like it.
In the Black & White shot is the sense of time past, of age and disuse.

In the color image there is a warmth and vibrancy to the image even though the mood still suggest disuse, but is waiting for a new lease of life.

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