Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zoom bracketing and macros.

I had the chance today to do a few shots using the macro function as well as zoom bracketing. This is a handy way of getting in closer to the subject  by letting the camera interpret the image and then give you three different shot sizes. This helps when you cant quite get in as close as you like with a difficult subject such as the bee, which was on the move all the time.

I haven't tried this in super macro mode and I suspect it will work. And after a quick trial I can say that it does indeed bracket even in Super Macro mode. The hardest part to this is holding steady enough to make sure you dont blur the image. Any movement will be seen in the final photo, so a good rest point or tripod could be (and would be) handy.

Take a careful look at the center of this photo. Theres a little bug hiding from the camera.

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