Saturday, December 11, 2010

Portree - The Isle of Skye

A number of years ago  my brother and his wife moved to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. They settled in the Portree area which is the largest of the townships in this area. This is a small fishing harbour in a wonderful setting.

A couple of years ago my mother, whom is now retired also relocated to Portree. Among the many things she enjoys is a little camera work from time to time. Recently she sent me a few of her photos. So for those of you who have never been to Portree, here are a few local snaps of the area.

Over the last couple of years my daughter had been living in London and had a chance to catch up with life in Portree. Her comment was that this small town is like living in a postcard. An interesting concept, but I know what she meant.
Stream on the way to the village

Bluebells on the Lump (a local landmark)
Rock Formation on Quairaing Road 
Portree harbour from the Lump
Portree Harbour
Tower at the top of the Lump

Looking towards the Gathering Hall
 and Old Gaol 
Portree's Life

For those interested the camera used to take these images is the GE A735, a 7 megapixel camera first introduced into Europe and the UK in 2008. You can find a review here

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