Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fuji HS10 and country rambling.

I am fortunate to live in a rural setting approx 30kms from the nearest city. As its an easy commute the peace of the rural landscape can be very good for the soul after a trying day at work. One thing I haven't done for a while is take a walk in the early evening (its been too hot), just to see what I could see. Of coarse the HS10 went along with me.
At this time of the year the colors of the landscape can be quite vivid and contrasty. I love the late evening light, it comes at a really acute angle and makes for fabulous highlight contrasts.

Its amazing what you can see in a short walk along a country lane. We likely only walked about a kilometer from my home but that was easily sufficient for some good shots.
So without boring you heres a series of some of the things to see.

Directly across the road from our driveway is one of the oldest homes in the district. Approx 124 years old and heritage listed. This property is a photographers gold mine. Its full of old disused farm machinery as well as old sheds (my favorite rural subject), and other oddities.

As we move on down past the old farm we come upon large fields of maize, planted for making into winter feed for the stock on the farm.

We caught the light just right for some nice contrasty photos of the maize.

Late in the evening the sun catches the tops of the crop, creating a nice contrast and depth to the image.

Moving further down the road the long shadows and gold of the summer grass at the edge of the road become more accentuated

Just to the right of the above photo is an old abandoned farmhouse, that as local info tells us was never actually lived in. This is something I see every day and still wonder at who it was that the house was built for.

Back up the road towards home.

On closer inspection the seemingly endless summer flowers on the edge of the road also harbour a whole world largely unseen in our daily travels.

Cocoon of baby spiders in wild gorse.

Heading home past a line of trees, both native and redwood, home is now in sight and its time for dinner.
All images were shot using the Fuji HS10 in "P" mode and were processed where necessary using Photoscape 3.5.


  1. Nice shots Ralph I especially like the cornfields.

  2. Thanks Kevin me too, the light was really nice last night. I couldn't have timed it better

  3. Ralph, Hi.

    Nice series. Love the second Maize shot. Great shapes.


  4. Thanks Dave,was a nice time of the day for a walk with the camera.Its surprising what you see when you walk rather than drive.