Monday, March 7, 2011

Fuji HS20 & S series cameras available

I had contact from a company located in Christchurch who look to be the first here in New Zealand that will be receiving stock of new Fuji Cameras.
For overseas buyers check your exchange rates you may find that buying here will be a saving.
You can find the suppliers at the link Here
They have an exchange calculator and will quote for shipping. The new stock is due to arrive between March 10-14th and they are taking pre-orders now.
The price for the HS20 is $895.00 and the S4000 is going at $595.00, I am pleased to see that the HS20 is coming under the original HS10 pricing which was $999.00NZ. It seems Fuji has been listening to there customers and suppling at a better price point. Well done Fuji.
S4000 promo & features  Here

HS20 promo & features Here


  1. I have one of these in my hot little hands and my first impressions are not good
    The focus ring and zoom are hard to use because of the flash housing.
    The zoom feels stiff and has two bumps between 80 and 135mm.
    The battery door is floppy and flimsy.
    The lens hood is thin hard plastic so that will break easily.
    Finally it looks like the USB port doesn't work as a mass storage device.
    Now to take some photos.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Auda, From your description you have the HS20 in your hands.

    The comments you make exactly the same as first time impressions for the HS10.
    My HS10 goes everywhere with me, and while I try to take good care of it it still gets bashed around a fair bit.
    As with the HS10 the focus ring is a total waste of time, I used it once and didn't bother again. The lens zoom should smooth out. Mine has thought it took six months.

    Would be good to hear how you go with pics so let us know if you can.

  3. It's a shame about the manual focus. The auto is slow 3 -> 6 seconds with lots of zoom at night ok so that's hard work for it but so what my old Dimage 7i was faster.
    On the better side I have a couple of nice photos at the extremes. A bit of mould and a resonator on a power pylon both in good daylight. How do I attach them ?

  4. Hi Auda, you cant embed the images but if you post a link to an online album, Picasa or the like, then we can all jump to the link location.


  5. Have a look here for a few of my photos
    you can click on my name as well