Monday, March 14, 2011

The HS10 out and about.

Over the last week things have been a little chaotic. Work has been intruding into my picture taking time as well as other little irritants of life.

However the weather has been absolutely amazing over the last week and I was able to spend a little time between jobs in Tauranga and get some nice pics.
All pics were taken using standard "P" mode settings. The close up of the seagull was taken using macro setting. The gull was about a meter from the camera and seemed interested in stealing my lunch.
I really liked the shot of the bay with the Ute in the foreground. It shows that the Fuji color is really vibrant and in this case true to life. As are all these images.

On the road to work in Tauranga

The harbour master

Lunch thief

Happy to pose for food.

Crab hunter

Watch those toes.

Blue on blue

A holiday beckons.