Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fuji Hs20 .. Lowest Prices Yet

Fuji HS20 EXRThe folks at Electron World  have the Fuji HS20 now at $488.64
You will need to add a bit for freight and a SD card but that wont be a great deal.
I obtained my HS20 from them a few months ago when our exchange rate wasnt so hot. I paid $603.00 NZ  for an HS20 + 4gig sd card and freight to a rural address. I was well pleased as that was still approx $400 NZ less than the big shops. So folks get em while they are hot. Electron world is located in Napier, New Zealand. The folks are good to deal with and the service is prompt. I also have an international warranty for my camera but you can also purchase extended warranties for NZ if you wish. If you have been thinking about getting an HS20EXR and thought it too expensive, now's your chance to get it at a great price.
Heres the link you need. Note prices will vary a little as they source from 3 or 4 different suppliers and the currency can fluctuate a little.

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