Sunday, July 31, 2011

Macros from the Fuji HS20EXR.

I loved the way macros came out in the HS10, but had not been convinced that the HS20 was quite as good a macro shooter as its sibling, so I decided to do some experimenting to see how well it performs.
I took several shots in various modes, but to my eye at least I find that shooting in super-macro mode using EXR resolution Priority @16mp worked very well. Noise reduction was of course set to low and I decided to leave the sharpness set to hard, as the camera does a pretty good job without needing too much PP work. 
Save the photos to your hard drive if you want to look at the Exif data or check out the basic Exif data in the album photos here
With care the HS20 is at least as good as the HS10 and with the improvement in dynamic range may well prove to be even better.


  1. ... Ralph: The first photo is an extremely attractive composition.
    ... Truly, photography is the magic of the moment's lighting.

  2. Yes I was pleased with that. The bee however was being somewhat uncooperative.

  3. Dear Ralph
    As a new owner of a Fuji HS20 I've followed your posts with great interest, copying and pasting various parts into a Word document to create a kind of "manual" but I am just wondering whether you would be in a better position to combine all your "trials" with the HS20 into a concise unnofficial manual. Outline your techniques with settings etc to get the best out the camera. Just a thought but it would be welcome.

  4. Hi Big Craigie
    I had thought about doing something along those lines. At the moment they are all accessed via the main index page under the HS20 heading. I had thought of approaching Fuji NZ to see if they would be interested but as yet haven't done so. My main concern is that the information may well be superseded by the beginning of next year if they produce something like an HS30EXR.
    Putting together a use-able manual would take more time than I currently have to devote to such a task. I would however consider doing some if there was someone else able to help co author it, an to that end I also have a couple of people in mind. But at least for now things are going to stay pretty much as they are, although I may set up a better indexing system for the HS20.


  5. Hi Ralph

    As a newbie to photography and having owned an HS20 for about a week now I just wanted to say thanks for all the info on your blog, its been invaluable to me in dipping my toe in the water. Currently struggling a bit with all the variants involved with getting good shots but the best thing is I can persevere and practice at no cost.

    Keep up the great work with the HS20 articles and if you do bring out a guide for it let me know as I would be interested in such a guide.



  6. What a brilliant blog! I am an amateur photographer and got HS20 recently. This blog has been of huge help.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Dink
    Glad you like it. The HS20 is a good camera, so you wont be disappointed.

  8. Hi Ralph,

    After following your blog for weeks, finally I have purchased my very own HS20 EXR.

    Yes practice makes perfect, with your guidance sure it will make perfect with my HS20.

    Continue writing... big hugs!


  9. Thankyou Mr Bravo.
    Its always good to know people are getting something from the blog. Well done on buy the HS20, you wont be disappointed. It has a fairly steep learning curve so be prepared to be frustrated at times, but persistance will get you there.