Saturday, July 16, 2011


Is here with a vengeance, rain constantly,gales and thunderstorms mixed with tornadoes has been the conditions lately.
 Its been three weeks since I was last able to get a decent day with the HS20. I wanted to do a series of RAW versus JPEG to see how well the HS20 performs. My preliminary foray with the HS20 in RAW didn't do a great deal to convince me it would be worth the time and effort to post process. I have since been experimenting with the Post Process process in relation to the HS20 specifically. This was brought about by a suggestion from one of the forum members at Dpreview. Once I get some fine weather I will be able to do something a little more organised regarding this process  So as they say in the post processing department, I'll keep you posted :)

As some of you will be aware I live in the foothills of Mt Pirongia
Elevation approx 300 feet.  We get a lot of rain here.
This shot taken this morning from our balcony shows flooding from a local river after three weeks of rain. This area covers about 25% of the flat land in the bottom of the valley.
This is also the first sun we have seen for  a long while in the mornings and we even had a good frost to boot.

EXR Dynamic range, Auto ISO 800, Ev 0.00


  1. Cheers Iain,
    Glad you like it. Looks like we are in for a few more frosts so the mornings here will be nice for a change.