Friday, September 2, 2011

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Rugby World Cup.

Well its now only one week away from the first games at the Rugby World Cup, and the teams are starting to arrive here.
All Blacks Vs Wales
Theres certainly more of a buzz around town this week. Rugby Park here in Hamilton has had new lights and stands added. The first game here is All Blacks Vs Japan. Should be an easy run for the AB's but fate is a fickle mistress :P Anyone attending and taking a Fuji camera with you?. Send us some of your pics and how you shot them and we will put them up here to share with our readers.

Fuji Finepix X-10
On another note there is a great deal of pre release buzz about the New Fuji X10 at Dpreview's FujiTalk forum, touted as a baby version of the X100. I have been following some of the talk about the X100 and by and large it seems most folks are happy with it. With the X10 being priced @ $500.00 US I can see there may be some resistance to the high price, however that remains to be seen and we will watch this with some interest.

Personally I am more interested in whether or not there is a successor to the HS20EXR. I vote Yes please Fuji!!
My personal feeling is that a 600mm lens with a 4/3 EXR sensor for an HS30 would make for a very slick unit. Watch this space.


  1. ... Ralph: Equally enthusiastic for the HS30.
    ... Price is not really the point. Just the ultimate bridge camera.

  2. Lol
    Yes me too, it would be nice to put all the S100fs proponents in the background :)

  3. HS20 EXR still not available in India. Dealers are selling old HS10. Now waiting for HS30 instead of HS20

  4. Sorry to hear hear you arent able to get the HS20. I guess the best way would be to order from a rputable camera outlet online, perhaps Ama zon or a similar online store.

    I think the new HS30 will in actual fact turn out to be the X-S1 Fuji has had on display at some of the Photo Expo's

    Keep us posted as to whether you do get a HS20, it would be good if you did as its considerably better than the HS10.