Saturday, October 29, 2011

A New Look for the Blog.

After having had some feedback on the visual look of the blog, I have changed the way it's setup. Hopefully the new look will enable people to more easily read and find the content they are looking for.

Your feedback is always welcome so don't hesitate to say what  you like or dont like and I will try to accomodate the changes.

Some of our long time readers will have noted that the header image at the top of the page has changed. I took this recently from along our road using the Fuji HS20 Panaorama feature. It was hand held and encompasses approximately a 270 degree sweep, showing our home in the top left to the road disappearing off to the right.

While the Panorama function doesn't give you a particularly tall image is is nonetheless a handy tool for doing a generalized capture of a landscape or view that doesn't fit the normal image frame.


  1. I like your panaoramic photo (apologies for misspelling) of where you live. It looks very peaceful, green and beautiful. I feel quite envious.

  2. Yes its a nice place to be. I have to remind myself at times not to take it for granted.

    Its an interesting frame too as its a 270 degree sweep of a straight road, there no corner but the panorama makes it look like one. Our house is about 400 meters left of the one seen in the image.