Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Look For The Kiwi

Having had some requests from readers about updating the site I have been reviewing the options available from Blogspot and decided to use this template.

Its called "Timeslide".

You will note the small toggle at the left of the menu bar. If you don't like this view in particular you are able to easily switch to some of the others offered.

The template I've chosen here is more in keeping with modern on-line magazine styles and hopefully will make it a little more streamlined to use.
As always the Main Index is available as well as searching the site from the header bar.

If you like the change and want to have it stay, just leave a comment or use the email address in at the top of the links page.

Dawn of a new day ... Fuji HS10


  1. Hey there, just wanted to say I really like the new look of the website and the blogs you keep posting. You're quite right, this is the home of the HS20! Four months ago your site helped inform me in my choice of the HS20 and in the weeks after taught me the quirks of that unregrettable purchase. The camera is quite a beast, I only recently learnt how the best framing guide is turned on after my partner seemingly did it by accident! I have since had to buy another HS20 for my grandad who couldn't resist himself after I showed him mine and why would he as the price of an as new refurb from Fujifilm UK was £175!
    Anyway, I thank you for the inspiration and knowledge that is has given me to handle the versatile HS20 as a newcomer to photography and hope that you may long continue your work.
    Simon, England

  2. Hi Simon.

    Yes the HS20 is a nice piece of kit. I noticed recently that there are some pretty good prices these days as well. I saw some on eBay U.K. today at really good prices so that should tempt a few folks to grab a bargain.