Thursday, June 2, 2011

HS20EXR versus HS10

Now that I have had the HS20 for a while I have been able to start doing some comparison shots to see how the two cameras perform. The first two photos are of the same plant taken in the same botanical glasshouse with both cameras. Shooting conditions were virtually the same , the only major difference being that the photo taken with the HS20 was on a heavily overcast day and this shows a little in the exposure.
The photo below was taken using ISO 200,f6.4, focal length 23mm and 1/250th  sec. Ev -0.33
Click this link for more Exif data. The shot was taken using my standard "P" mode settings for the HS10. Image size 4:3, fine @10 mega pixels.

Taken with the Fuji HS10 on June 7th 2010.

This photo was taken in the same location as the previous shot above, at ISO 200, f4.0 at 11.8mm focal length, and 1/180 sec. Ev -0.67. Click here for extra Exif data. Shot in P mode @16 megapixels, image size 4:3 and set to fine.
Taken with the Fuji HS20EXR on May 14th 2011
So which image is best? The HS10 image is a bit brighter and perhaps a shade better focus, but the depth of field is much better in the HS20 image with the background being nicely out of focus, where as the background in the HS10 image appears rather confused. At 16 mp the HS20 image shows good control of noise, as does the HS10 image. Contrast is good , as is color, overall I would call this even.


  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that the work your doing here is great. It clarifies a lot of things and makes you aware of how you should handle the HS20. I'm planning to buy the camera myself soon, so I find the info you post here extremely helpful. Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Max
    Thanks for the comment. Its nice to finally start getting to grips with the HS20. It definitely requires more thought than its predecessor, but when used correctly seems to be a good all rounder. There's still a lot to review yet, especially lowlight performance but to date I haven't had a good opportunity to test it.